iOS App Development


We specialise solely in native iOS development, with a high level of efficiency in design, development and maintenance.

UX Design

Good design is foremost about how it works, and then about how it looks. We believe in design that hides complexity from the user, giving way to simple interfaces and well-flowing experiences.

iOS App Development

We write native iOS apps in Swift or Objective-C for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV. We can also build iMessage apps and App Extensions.

App Analytics and Maintenance

There are a number of mobile analytics services which we are experienced in implementing. We work with you to determine which metrics are important for future decisions and app optimisation.


A selection of our work.


Commercial Property Management


Opinion Platform / Social App for iOS

Daily Ideas Journal

Exercise your idea muscle on iOS

SpeedGlow Speedometer

A beautifully simple speedometer with all gesture controls

Drill and Tap Tool

A Precise Threading Calculator for Mechanical Engineers


An iPhone Photo Uploader for Trade Me (NZ's eBay equivalent)

Our Process

How we engineer your app.

  • Scope

    From brainstorming to a solid plan; we take you through a process to hone your ideas into a product with a refined build and release strategy. Garnering from our experience in app publishing and the development process, we work with you to craft your product into something that is both targeted and within your budget.

  • Design

    We turn product features into user stories, then into user experience designs. Drawing on our experience in iOS app layout, we create wireframes and flow designs, and then high-fidelity representations. Through this process we challenge the norm, creatively solving problems to give the user the best experience possible. Aesthetics are also of great importance to us, as they are key to giving first impressions of product reliability and soundness.

  • Develop and Test

    The development phase is not just about writing code. A great app is founded on firm architecture. We lay out the entire build plan and select the technologies most suited to your product. We then take the release plan from the scope phase and map out fortnightly sprints, the result of which are incremental builds for you to review as we code.

  • Release

    We’ve taken dozens of apps through Apple’s App Store review process. That makes us well versed in the intricacies of what they will and won’t allow, and how to best avoid rejection. We also provide guidance in App Store Optimisation, from app names to keyword selection, descriptions, screenshots and video previews.

  • Measure and Maintain

    Some products require a tight cycle of analysis and refinement, while others will last for years without requiring modification. We can provide something as simple as regular checkups for iOS version compatibility, or as thorough as in depth analytics and iteration to bring your app to a refined state as quickly as possible.

Our Amazing Team

Chewy Applications currently comprises of Matthew Grayson - full time iOS Developer, and Tim Peters - graphic design freelancer.

Matthew Grayson

Owner / Lead iOS Developer

Tim Peters

Graphic and 3D Designer

With over ten years of Software Engineering experience including six years specialising in iOS app development, we are well trained and capable of providing expert advice and quality solutions.

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